Pier Elio Marconato Sandberg

Company Profile
With more than 30 years in promoting, establishing and performing important economical results for different industries around the globe as C.E.O./M.D., I have reached:

Improvement of customer and shareholder value
Improvement of company size and profitability
Create sustainable economical and strategical company solutions aiming to be the leader in quality in local markets and in selected geo/products areas
Focus on core business in selected markets
Focus on recruiting, developing and retaining competent employees in different types of companies
Proactively identify and systematically manage financial and strategic risks
Take advantage of financial synergies in the company

The vast experience had as managing role within different types of industries and widely international cross-bordered, together with a team leadership and entrepreneur feeling oriented, has given me the possibility to focus on proactive customer relationships, new business opportunities and closing deals professionally in a way that has maximized order book, profitability and sales strategies.

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St. Petersburg Russia


Tel +7 921 7757514